Adults Program

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Round 1  2 Hrs Boot Camp Class

Round 1
2 Hrs Boot Camp Class

DSC_0002 DSC_0076 DSC_0090 Steve portrateEBMAS-CT KUNG FU & MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL , located in Stamford, CT is the only sanctioned representative of the “EBMAS Wing Tzun and Latosa Escrima” in Connecticut.  We are here to provide the most effective, proven and realistic martial arts training, in a non-intimidating relaxed atmosphere.

Many people wish to learn martial arts, for personal knowledge, growth or just to experience something new, but are often held back due to the perception of how martial arts schools are.  We strive to provide a relaxed atmosphere that is both non-intimidating and friendly, for you to learn and train in.  You will not be treated like a human ATM or punching bag.

When you decide to join, you become part of our martial arts family.  Yes! you will train hard, but at your own pace.  Your learning curve can only be limited by your own personal drive.  We do not hold back any special secret moves or expect you to pay more to learn more.  Your sweat equity is you additional payment.  We are different due to these points, but that is what makes us stand out from the rest of the “Schools” and students are coming to us to experience our differences and enjoy it.

We will teach you not only  our systems of Wing Tzun and Escrima, but you will learn the conditioning methods and the scientific reasoning behind the systems.  We don’t want you to follow our movements, but we want you to understand why we do them.  We feel no questions are bad questions, only those that are not asked are.file://loca

As like any family, we have members of all ages and from all walks of life.  We respect everyone that walks through our doors.  Please feel free to come in and find out for yourself, to see if our martial arts’ training is right for you.

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EBMAS Wing Tzun  NY Seminar

EBMAS Wing Tzun NY Seminar

EBMAS Wing Tzun NY Seminar

We are conveniently located the heart of Stamford. Our floor space is equipped with all necessary equipment  and the best possible instructors in true hands on Wing Tzun (Wing Chun)

Contact EBMAS-CT Kung Fu & Martial Arts today for a 30 minute free trail session. Call 203-504-8900.