Kids Program

Self Defense

Self Defense

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Austin Lee Biggica

Grapplers Quest Tournament

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At EBMAS-CT Kung Fu & Martial Arts we are committed to providing children with best possible techniques, fighting skills and Kung Fu education. We try  to make this process to be fun but save at the same time.

EBMAS-CT Kung Fu & Martial Arts Kinds Program:

Now days children are growing up in an inactive society, sitting by their desks or video games; moving, breathing, stretching and exercising is not what drives kids today. We work with children to change it; not just to educate them on basic martial arts skills, but also to give them hands on save fighting training. Kids learn to use the martial arts as a last resort to defend themselves. Our students learn to resolve conflicts without using their fists.

We are conveniently located the heart of Stamford. Our floor space is equipped with all necessary equipment  and the best possible instructors in true hands on Wing Tzun (Wing Chun)

Contact EBMAS-CT Kung Fu & Martial Arts today for a 30 minute free trial week. Call 203-504-8900.

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Our Anti-Bullying Program

In our anti-bullying program, we educate children in how to choose the right response during a confrontation.  We make them understand that before actual physical contact takes place, there are other options available which should be attempted.  Even at an early age, a child can be taught to read body language and identify potentially threatening behavior so they can avoid confrontation before it begins.  If a situation where to escalate (they are attacked), their response must be equal to the degree of the attack.  For example, they cannot start punching and kicking wildly simply because a classmate pushes them in the hallway.  Children must,  and under our program they will  understand that every action has consequences.