What’s Wing Tzun?

Wing Tzun is the most efficient system of unarmed self-defense ever devised.
Wing Tzun is authentic Chinese Kung Fu that does not rely on size, strength or toughness, as these factors are usually in favor of the attacker. Wing Tzun is an intelligent system that uses body mechanics, physics and simple logic. Wing Tzun was devised to be learned. Rapidly and to make its user proficient in a short period of time. Of course it takes time and perfect practice to master, but street effectiveness is achieved very quickly.

Wing Tzun Borrows the Opponent’s Strength.
If two combatants rely solely on their physical strength, the stronger will always have an advantage over the weaker. What chance does a physically weak person stand in this case? Or a Woman? A Wing Tzun practitioner will therefore not even try to put his own strength against that of his opponent. Instead, he will use his opponent’s strength to her or his own advantage by “borrowing” it.

 Close Combat Is Preferred
A traditional Kung Fu man prefers to keep his opponent at a distance, however in doing so he gives his opponent the chance to escape, evade or gather his strength for a renewed attack. The Wing Tzun fighter prefers close combat, so as to sustain his attack until his opponent, who has no opportunity to pause for breath or reorganize, is overwhelmed.

The Biggest Difference
However, the most significant difference between traditional Kung Fu systems and Wing Tzun does not lie in formal characteristics but is the revolutionary overall concept. Stereotyped sequences of movements, i.e. on drilled-in combination. However in a real fight (and unlike a sparring partner) the opponent never ever attacks according to plan, and he never discloses his intentions beforehand.

In Wing Tzun our movements are directly determined by the movements of the attacker.
Our technique consists of a direct reaction which is precisely adapted to the opponent’s action. Chi-Sao training has been developed to achieve fast and efficient reactions. Wing Tzun self-defense has a variety of tactic programs at every student level for all ages, men and woman like rape prevention, law enforcement, multiple attackers, ground fighting, edged weapons or gun disarming and body conditioning. Wing Tzu improves the practitioner’s existing strength and sharpens their power of perception. Once known, one’s capabilities can be confidently put to use. Person who learn Wing Tzun learn to know themselves. Wing Tzun never attacks—it is aggressive only in defense. Wing Tzun is a method for inner growth and a way to a carefree, relaxed and healthy lifestyle.

WT is the acronym for Wing Tzun, a realistic, scientific method of self-defense.
It is considered a “soft” or “flexible” style of Chinese Kung-Fu, in that it relies on efficiency, relaxation, and movement, rather than rigidity or brute strength. Wing Tzun follows the principles of physics and anatomy to make it effective even against a stronger and larger attacker. Wing Tzun is self-defense, self-confidence, healthy mental and physical exercise, and philosophy for a peaceful, relaxed, happy lifestyle. Anyone can reap the benefits of Wing Tzun training, as the training can be personalized to meet the needs of each student.

At our Wing Tzun classes we teach our students not to fight against the strength of an opponent, but to use the opponent’s force against them, and also the strategies of dealing with physical confrontation and how to effectively apply our skills.

Wing Tzun uses the smallest amount of movements, straight line strikes and a understanding of angles (Economy of Motion), and a contact reflex (Muscle Memory) as a conditioned response to a specific stimuli awareness (Chi Sao), to make it one of the most efficient fighting systems in existence.

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